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Happy {Bounce Around} Weekend

Hey hey, it's Friday and I'm so ready to monkey around.Luckily, I'm headed to Portland, OR to spend my weekend with my two nephews who are both under 3 years old, so I imagine a lot of horse play and other animal-themed fun is about to come my way!I'm also hoping I might get to discover a new...

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Happy {Free-Wheelin’} Friday

You've got to a love a week that has two Mondays and two Fridays! At least that's what it felt like having a national holiday on a Wednesday.I'm definitely ready for a weekend after our mini-weekend. I was able to jump around the internets a bit this week and find a few fun things I thought...

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Happy {Boogie-Woogie} Weekend

Now that it's Friday, lets do a dance of joy!I'm dancing around my hometown of Seattle this weekend and right now the sun shining, the mountains are out and friends and family abound. Life is good luvies, life is good.I'm looking forward to having a very unplugged couple of days {save an...

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