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Living the Loft Life {Gallery Walls}

The start of a new year has come and gone and we are so over due for a loft life update! The settling in continues and now some of the fun decor challenges are cropping up.Things like what does one do with {very} large, {very} blank, walls. High ceilings are the blessing and I'm discovering...

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Living the Loft Life Has Gone to the Dogs

Home decor is not just for humankind anymore. Pets now have a hand in design decisions. At least ours do! Since our lifestyle was getting a redo, the dogs ought to have an upgrade as well. Because you know what they say, home is where your dog is! That's where Fleabag Beds came to the...

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Best of 2012: {Triple Threat}

 From Chloe & Bailey: even though we can't actually see color, we think brights are the best. We love this triple treat - it makes us think of Mexico where mommy and daddy are! Sometimes you can't help what jumps out and bites you. We're not known for more abstract types of inspiration...

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