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Color Craze {Shine On}

What better way to carry on the 4th of July fun than a Craze Craze post about things that sparkle! I hope you love Whitney's metallic picks as much as I do.Hello again Apartment 34 readers! I was feeling glitzy this week, so I wanted our Color Craze to be shiny and...

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Color Craze {Let the Sun Shine In}

As the first day of summer rapidly approaches, it's time to bring on the sun. That's why I love this week's Color Craze and its focus on such a fun sun-shiny hue! Hi everybody -  I hope you’re having a great, summery week so far. I just couldn’t resist picking a bright and happy yellow...

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Color Craze {Aren’t You a Peach}

If you're feeling dour, I have the remedy for turning your frown around. A shot of peach to your system and you'll be feeling light, bright and good as new in no time. You only have Whitney to thank. I know I'm grateful for this week's edition of Color Craze!Hello again to all...

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