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A Farmer’s Market Recipe for The Books

What is it about farmer's markets that just puts on a smile on your face? We're lucky enough to live in an area teeming with them! And every neighborhood seems to put it it's own twist on the tried and true farmer's market formula. Last week we headed to Old Oakland's farmer's market in...

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We’ve Got A Crush

Similar to the famous R. Kelley song, "our minds are telling us no, but our bodies are telling us yessss." We're in that inevitable transition phase when we can't possibly bear the thought of summer fading, yet yearn for the our favorite season to arrive. Cooler temps and light layers, warm...

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Color Coded: {Burnt Orange is the New Black}

Now before you go running for the hills, let me just preface that I too was VERY skeptical of this color at first. I mean, the name itself sure isn’t doing the color any favors…Burnt…Orange? Sounds downright repulsive.  BUT with that being said, I challenge you to set aside your...

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