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What Food Turns You On?

It's really easy to look at a stack of chocolate chip cookies on Pinterest, an ice cream cone on Instagram or a beautiful homemade cake in a cooking magazine and begin to drool. The desire for a sweet treat is a mighty strong pull. I mean, you never hear someone say "I'm so bad - I'm indulging...

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How to Connect the Dots on a Monday

Mondays suck- it's a universally agreed upon fact. It's right up there with the sky is blue and the most jealousy-ridden news of 2014: Eva Mendes is in fact, having Ryan Gossling's baby. She just took all living hope right out from under us. There is no chance any of us are having Ryan's first...

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Happy {Mindful} Weekend

Guys, I had a entirely different post planned for today, but in light of world events over the past 24 hours it suddenly seemed petty and wholly myopic. I'm kicking off a whirlwind season of summer travel today but it's all to see loved ones, celebrate milestones with dear friends and...

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