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Happy {Pack it Up} Weekend

Even though I still find the sunny and 70s weather in San Francisco disconcerting, I'm going to take advantage of the motivation all this sunshine provides and see just how much I can pack into a 72 hour period! This weekend is going to be jammed as I jet to SLC to speak at AltSummit...

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Happy {Bloomin’} Weekend

I don't know how we're already halfway through January, but I'm glad this weekend has arrived - because I'm going to be celebrating a dear friend's wedding! You may have already spied the shoes I'll be rockin' on Instagram. I promise more winter wedding outfit sneak peeks - I've had a fun...

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2014′s Start Fresh Workout

We don't regularly talk about fitness around these parts, but we all know it's on our minds, especially this time of year! Even though I've always prioritized staying in shape {when you grow up being an athlete it's kinda ingrained!}, no matter how good your habits, you can still fall off the...

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