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Color Coded: {Burnt Orange is the New Black}

Now before you go running for the hills, let me just preface that I too was VERY skeptical of this color at first. I mean, the name itself sure isn’t doing the color any favors…Burnt…Orange? Sounds downright repulsive.  BUT with that being said, I challenge you to set aside your...

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Designer’s Take on House Plants: {Igor Josifovic}

When it comes to making a house a home, an often overlooked design secret is house plants! They truly do enliven a space, pun intended! And if there's anyone who knows a thing or two about plants it's Urban Jungle blogger extraordinaire, Igor of Happy Interior Blog. Igor has been a breath of...

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Happy {4th of July} Weekend!

Wow - the official heart of summer is upon us. How are you celebrating?? Hopefully you're about to head out for a camping/beach/hiking/picnicking/bonfire filled weekend. We're actually laying pretty low. San Francisco clears out for most major holidays and I'm excited to enjoy a little...

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