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Designer Files: Loft Life Envy

I rarely suffer from house wanderlust. The Loft has come together well, if I do say so myself. But when I spied this ah-mazing industrial loft on Remodelista I couldn't keep my eyes from glowing a little green. And then I realized it's owned by Joan, proprietress of my {only} fave LA haunt...

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Packing a Punch: 2 Weeks In a Tote Bag!

What is it about travel that is so addicting? Just as I start to get sick of airports, the call of a new adventure is always too good to resist. We're still coming down off the high of Bianca's trip to Southeast Asia, but today we get to announce some exciting news. This is going to be the...

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Happy {Kick Back & Decompress} Weekend

Life is full of clutter. From the drunk drawer, to the inbox, to your Twitter feed - noise is coming at us from all directions, all the time. So how do we drown out the din and only pay attention to what really matters? I read this post about finding your flow this week and it really stuck...

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