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Gotta Getaway: {36 Hour Minneapolis Travel Guide}

Last week our Editorial Director, Bianca boarded a plane bound for Minneapolis. Why Minneapolis, Minnesota? Well, the Twin Cities has been on our must-visit list for quite some time now. Filled to the brim with creatives, neighborhoods like Northloop and Eastloop, France and 50th and Uptown...

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Gotta Getaway: Escaping to Wine Country with a Newborn

People ask me what I was looking forward to the most post-pregnancy. Sushi? Unpasteurized cheese? Oysters?? Yeah, sure I do love all those things, but for my entire 10 months of growing that human, I was most looking forward to wine - and finally getting to enjoy wine country again! It was...

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Happy Weekend!

Hi friends, hope you've enjoyed your short week! Mine has looked a little bit like the image above. I've intentionally kep the baby updates few and far between as I didn't think that's what most of you come to Apartment 34 for. I am pleased to report that I'm starting to come out of my...

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