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Designer Files: {A Pure and Poetic Parisian Apartment}

This monochromatic Parisian apartment brings new meaning to the idea that your home should be your oasis. Decked in various shades of the same custom gray hue dubbed "craie," is gorgeously soothing, sophisticated and full of fluidity and detail. This balance of making a modern space look cozy...

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5 Modern Outdoor Spaces That’ll Make You Say “SUMMER!!!”

Outdoor living is our favorite thing this time of year. With these lovely long days, it's all about drinks on the patio, dinners on the lawn and morning coffees on the deck. The following beautiful backyards are what our summer dreams are made of! Too often outdoor spaces are left to...

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A Decor-Do: Sweet Accent Seats

For some of us, stepping outside of our interior decor comfort zones can be as nerve-wracking as chopping off your hair. So different! So defining! So permanent! Eeeek {cue cold feet setting in}! There's no doubt that selecting furniture is a draining task as it is, so when it comes to...

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