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A Surprise Shower for A Chic Mama-To-Be

Pulling off a surprise party is no easy feat - especially, when it comes to rigging surprises for a "highly likely to have a hormonal break down" pregnant woman- let’s just throw that out there now! So when throwing a surprise shower, the key is to keep things simple. But just because the...

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Happy {Chocolate-Covered} Weekend

It's official. I think the universe is just out to screw with us. I mean, why else would it allow two nightmarish days to fall on the calendar back to back. Apologies in advance to any mega Valentine's Day fans out there, but I find a Friday the 13th and the big V-day equally fraught with...

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How to Style a Scarf Six Ways

San Francisco may have turned a corner. It hasn’t been as cold lately - some days you can ALMOST leave a jacket at home. It’s a typical California winter: crisp mornings morph into bright warm(ish) afternoons once the sun breaks through. But soon as dusk hits, the chill comes rushing...

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