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Retail Therapy: {Oakland’s Best Decor Store}

We do our fair share of running around our cities exploring, perusing, eating, shopping and drinking. We call it “work," but really, it’s what our life goals are made of! It’s an especially good day when we stumble upon something so good, we name it the best. We discovered this sweet...

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A Surprise Shower for A Chic Mama-To-Be

Pulling off a surprise party is no easy feat - especially, when it comes to rigging surprises for a "highly likely to have a hormonal break down" pregnant woman- let’s just throw that out there now! So when throwing a surprise shower, the key is to keep things simple. But just because the...

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Happy {Chocolate-Covered} Weekend

It's official. I think the universe is just out to screw with us. I mean, why else would it allow two nightmarish days to fall on the calendar back to back. Apologies in advance to any mega Valentine's Day fans out there, but I find a Friday the 13th and the big V-day equally fraught with...

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