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How to Mix Modern Style with Classic Designs

Mixing different design styles can be a tad bit tricky, wouldn't you say? A room can just as easily look collected as it can look ALL over the place. After visiting EQ3's new San Francisco store front last week, we realized that there's a simple science to making rooms feel uber modern but...

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What to Wear to Summer Weddings

It's very rare that I'll don a skirt. A modern woman's world is lived in pants, point blank. Period. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the chance to get a little girlier now and again and what better opportunity than summer wedding season?? We do have a few nuptials on the docket and...

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Color Crush: {A Dramatic Summer Palette}

Even though the official start of summer is weeks away, the crazy warm temps that are rockin' San Francisco have us thinking of nothing but pool time today. While we were saving this twist on summery colors for after Memorial Day, it just feels too right right now! Yes, we're taking...

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