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The Apartment 34 Holiday Shop is Here!

So, we promised a big announcement last Friday... did you happen to guess what we were up to?? Today we're thrilled to launch the Apartment 34 Online Holiday Shop!! Months in the making, we've been dying to give you, dear readers, the first look at the it! So why a holiday shop? The...

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Meet Our 6 Fall Must-Haves

It's officially that time of year when every person you come into contact with is sporting an ah-mazing sweater or a gorgeous scarf you just HAVE to have. Whether on Instagram or on the street, something about fall favorites have us constantly asking "wait, where'd you get that?!" But it's...

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Marble: So Cool It’s White Hot!

Most home owners can probably attest to falling victim to this dark hole: dreaming of all the things you can't afford in your new house- like, universally-coveted marble countertops! Oh, what to give to be able to just trot down to the marble yard, point to the vein-iest Carrara slab they...

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