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Breaking the Rules with a Fresh Take on Plaid

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons. Refreshingly crisp air, tart Pink Lady apples and golden afternoon light - I can't get enough it. But it's also my favorite time of year for style. You get to layer again, play with texture and wear rich warm colors. Truth be told, I've had a...

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An Eye-catching Twist on Modern Decor

We're kicking off the week with a stunning space and latest post from contributor Ali Hartwell! I knew I'd convince that girl to love modern decor someday! As a whole, I tend to avoid modern design. While I appreciate elements of it, I often find that the full-blown modern look comes off as...

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Designer Files: {A Pure and Poetic Parisian Apartment}

This monochromatic Parisian apartment brings new meaning to the idea that your home should be your oasis. Decked in various shades of the same custom gray hue dubbed "craie," is gorgeously soothing, sophisticated and full of fluidity and detail. This balance of making a modern space look cozy...

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