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Happy {Back to Basics} Weekend

If only this were my daily to-do list! As complicated as life can seem some days, really it's simple things that make all the difference. When I start to get bogged down by overwhelm {which I suffered from a bit this week}, I just try to refocus on what matters most! This weekend sleep is...

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How to Mix Modern Style with Classic Designs

Mixing different design styles can be a tad bit tricky, wouldn't you say? A room can just as easily look collected as it can look ALL over the place. After visiting EQ3's new San Francisco store front last week, we realized that there's a simple science to making rooms feel uber modern but...

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What to Wear to Summer Weddings

It's very rare that I'll don a skirt. A modern woman's world is lived in pants, point blank. Period. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the chance to get a little girlier now and again and what better opportunity than summer wedding season?? We do have a few nuptials on the docket and...

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