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Happy {Fashion Forward} Weekend

So, yesterday kicked off the latest installation of New York Fashion Week...and the image above pretty much epitomizes how I feel about it. There's only been one day of shows, I'm not even attending this year and I'm already exhausted. Not that I don't still love fashion, and sure I've got a...

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Feelin’ BAD (in a Good Way!) in Black

I really hope someone gets the meaning of this post title or I just really revealed my age with my nod to the king of pop {anyone, anyone??}. But anywho, it seems no matter when I decide to make a few additions to my wardrobe, I always gravitate towards similar things - namely anything in...

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Gotta Getaway: {The Perfect Day in D.C.}

If you only had a day to explore a city, what would you do? How would you narrow things down to the best of the best in a mere 24 hours?! Well, you may remember when The Luxury Collection* invited us to Washington, D.C. a few months back. Bianca had the pleasure of dropping in our nation's...

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