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I’ve Got A Crush {On the Holidays}

This time of year flies by so quickly. This year I'm trying to pause and really take stock of the fun. Today I'm crushing on killer wish lists,Eye-catching shine,Subtle sparkle,Luscious throws,And sweet seasons greeting (from Apartment 34 sponsor Ralph's Grocery Shop!)Welcome to December...

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Monday Work Wear {Holidays Edition}

This edition of Monday workwear is dedicated to those of you who, like me, are still working this Christmas week and therefore still happily blog-hopping.Just because we're at the office doesn't mean we can't partake in holiday cheer, don't you agree! A pop or two of holiday red should perk...

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Going, Gluten, Gone: {Lemon Ricotta Almond Cake}

This time of year cleanses, juices, smoothies and rabbit-food-like recipes are everywhere you turn. Sure, we love starting the new year off on a healthy foot too, but no matter our good intentions, it's just too hard to quit desserts cold turkey. Since you can run to Pinterest to find your...

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