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Shades of Grey

It must be the heart of fall as we obviously have fashion on the brain! For all you interiors addicts we apprecaite your patience - we're bringing you some fab new ideas momentarliy. But right now, I'm just slightly sartorially obsessed. I can't help it - fall is the absolute best season to...

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Going Grey

It's not really a bad thing, I promise! While bright color and bold prints are spring's design mantra, I'm still completely drawn to this classic, soft and yet somehow still inviting color palette. What say you, luvies? Would you ever go grey in your house? Because I've heard once you...

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Happy {Chocolate-Covered} Weekend

It's official. I think the universe is just out to screw with us. I mean, why else would it allow two nightmarish days to fall on the calendar back to back. Apologies in advance to any mega Valentine's Day fans out there, but I find a Friday the 13th and the big V-day equally fraught with...

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