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4:00 PM Fashion Fix: Chloe RTW FW2013

I couldn't resist sharing these backstage snaps caught during the Chloe show at Paris Fashion Week. This shoe line up says everything about why I so love this line. The 2013 pre-fall collection was also stupid-crazy-great. Le sigh. photography by alfredo piola for t...

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You’re Invited: Join Us at Chloe Rose

Update: head over to the Apartment 34 Facebook Page to see all the fun we had!There's a party this Thursday and you're invited! If you happen to be in San Francisco I hope you'll stop by Chloe Rose Boutique ~ Caitlin graciously worked with Chloe's owner Marissa to put together a party that...

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Loft Life Refresh for 2015

After being settled in our loft for nearly two and half years now, it's easy to feel like there isn't really much more for me to do design-wise. Given the small space, we're pretty set with what we’ve got. But as I finally finished getting all the holiday razzle dazzle put away, I was really...

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