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Valentine’s Day Gifts You’d Actually Like!

Did you know that men typically shop for Valentine's Day 48-hours in advance or less?! No wonder the traditional gifts are flowers and chocolate - you can snag those at any corner market you see! This year, why don't we cut our guys a break and give them a {less than subtle!} hint. There...

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4:00 PM Fashion Fix: {Can Real Women Wear Pink?}

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the color pink? A room that belongs to a little girl who think she is a fairy-ballerina-princess? A barbie obsessed tween? Pepto Bismol? Yes, that would have been my initial thought process before the days I laid eyes on this gorgeous...

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Box It Up, Box It In: A New Way to Get Organized

With the temps finally starting to fall in San Francisco, I recently found myself scrambling to find my favorite grey scarf, you know, the one scarf that I thought was in the back of my closet. Turns out, since I hadn't worn it since last winter, I really had no idea where it was, yet I...

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