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4:00 PM Fashion Fix: Chloe RTW FW2013

I couldn't resist sharing these backstage snaps caught during the Chloe show at Paris Fashion Week. This shoe line up says everything about why I so love this line. The 2013 pre-fall collection was also stupid-crazy-great. Le sigh. photography by alfredo piola for t...

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You’re Invited: Join Us at Chloe Rose

Update: head over to the Apartment 34 Facebook Page to see all the fun we had!There's a party this Thursday and you're invited! If you happen to be in San Francisco I hope you'll stop by Chloe Rose Boutique ~ Caitlin graciously worked with Chloe's owner Marissa to put together a party that...

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3 Ways to Rock Maternity Jeans in Style!

As I enter the final few weeks of pregnancy - yup, it's gone that fast! - I've officially hit the "how the heck to do I style this thing" phase. I relied on my standard oversized tops and skinnies to camouflage the bump for a very very long time, but there's just no avoiding full-on...

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